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Rob Dahm
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Rob Dahm loves Rotary Engines. Having a wealth of knowledge in cars, and business advice, this is a one stop shop for any gear head and entrepreneur. Dahm's specialty in Lamborghini's and Mazda RX-7's make for some interesting auto adventures. Youll find a variety of Rotary Engines from 2, 3, 4, and even 6 Rotor custom creations.
slickstrings 7 hours ago
i would not describe that sound as a purr. a rolls royce merlin purrs. that thing sounds like 2 boats with outboard motors trying to drive around a swimming pool.
Kryptic 7 hours ago
That starter is literally nothing fancy, all it is is a reduction gear... if you paid anything over 200 hell 150 you got scammed.
Aito Blitz
Aito Blitz 8 hours ago
Is porn yes?
SUP richie
SUP richie 8 hours ago
Great innuendos 😂
wikichow 8 hours ago
no such thing as too loud.....
Outside Duh Box
Outside Duh Box 8 hours ago
Jeez ..talk about overdone sex jokes...borderline cringe/creep status
Lance Yabut
Lance Yabut 8 hours ago
It sounds like brians r34
Tyler Sommer
Tyler Sommer 9 hours ago
{make somthing happen with these dudes!!! mazda rotary revised and more HP us-first.info/player/video/oLGprIWmlm6Rmac.html
UNSA 111
UNSA 111 9 hours ago
That literally was an F1 car
UNSA 111
UNSA 111 9 hours ago
Dave j
Dave j 9 hours ago
The real old school bandsaws had a special built-in welder and grinder right on the front so you could make your own blades right at the machine.
Two Ticks
Two Ticks 10 hours ago
Bad ass welds lol keep you on bro nZ hard!! rotang clan NZ
Nelson Sandovaljr
Nelson Sandovaljr 10 hours ago
To many shut up pipes??
OspreyBravo18 10 hours ago
This shit sounds insane.
Kenneth Albert
Kenneth Albert 10 hours ago
Hey ! How about a link to JMD ?
Captain Coffee Cake
Captain Coffee Cake 10 hours ago
Would it kill you guys to wear squints even if just for the parts in the video
Rx7man 11 hours ago
I know the full bridge is a big difference over a big streetport.. and the idle sound is just wonderful
Marley Casas
Marley Casas 11 hours ago
The corvette got a lil to happy in the beginning
Marley Casas
Marley Casas 11 hours ago
Payback time!!!!!
KBros 11 hours ago
can we take the time out to appreciate how crisp those welds came out!!! SHEEEEEESH!!!
K9 Man
K9 Man 11 hours ago
Rob "It has a hint of pineapple I think" Dahm.
Datus Alexander
Datus Alexander 11 hours ago
Aluminum poisoning....
GettinWhisky 12 hours ago
Fuck that engine oil assembly hater! Sucks to be wrong, the number don’t lie.
Alex Boodram
Alex Boodram 12 hours ago
Link the dumpster location🤣
Archer Rise
Archer Rise 13 hours ago
That exhaust makes the car sounds refiner than before
Artur Eestlane
Artur Eestlane 14 hours ago
no dude xd this isnt looking right
Roy HI
Roy HI 14 hours ago
I also threw up a little when I heard the RX. Everyone likes to be a little different. Rob doesn't. STAY LOYAL!
Corbin Marks
Corbin Marks 15 hours ago
Explains how to hit your exhaust to see if it rattles( hits solid mounted exhaust section that doesn’t move) EDIT: Me:PROCEEDS TO WATCH REST OF VIDEO AND SEES HIM GRAB THE TIP, SHAKE IT AND HEAR IT RATTLING THEN CALLS IT PERFECT lmao.
Pyrodrifter12 15 hours ago
i love when people talk about titanium
HiSpdMgcnLady 15 hours ago
@Rob Dahm and I guess everybody else, I just came across this very interesting video in my recommendations and figured I share just in case it went under the radar somehow. This is pretty sick, us-first.info/player/video/mM-fq6SAgKN7g3U.html that johnny guy should try making an rc 4 rotor next
Eric Ernst
Eric Ernst 15 hours ago
5:48. Bend the flaps up instead of down.
GoblinPhreak 16 hours ago
Toss a Cherry Bomb Vortex on the end. Sadly they only make them up to 3" in and 3" out. Maybe the dual 2 1/2 in and dual 2 1/2 out would work because you could turn the 4" into dual 2.5" and then it will exit as a dual 2.5"? too lazy to do the maths on that. HOWEVER. The Cherry Bomb Vortex is NOT a glass pack. And YES, it has extremely high airflow. In fact, the last time I was able to find the image, the Vortex flow'd MORE than the actual cherry bomb glasspack which is similar to JDM exhausts. And only slightly less than straight pipe. NOT TO MENTION, it actually tunes down the exhuast note to make it deeper. You thought subaru rumble was low? its EVEN LOWER/DEEPER when using the vortex muffler. Its insane (did my own 3" exhaust to 3" in/out CB Vortex muffler). seriously. its eargasmic. its a shame cherry bomb has a bad rep for sounding like ass, because the vortex is the best muffler on the market hands down. Extra added bonus note, I hate loud cars. I used to love it, I would rice the fuck out of my cars. But now I prefer quite AND fast. And anyone who says you NEED straight pipe to make power, is full of shit, and doesn't understand anything about cars, they just continue the meme because everyone follows it. but mass acceptance of a lie doesn't make it true. The only counter to having a quiet exhaust and going straight pipe in my mind, is weight savings and being anal about perfect weight.
Λ15 E-Sports
Λ15 E-Sports 16 hours ago
rx-7 AKA (Rx7 from Hell)
themadscientest 16 hours ago
If that guy gets Alzheimer's he knows who to blame, that shit is probably toxic as hell.
GWBuffalo _307
GWBuffalo _307 16 hours ago
I want one of those just so I can sit in my driveway and rev it haha
Sheldon W
Sheldon W 16 hours ago
I dunno why that guy is shitting on someone else's welds when his arnt good at all
Alex Freedman
Alex Freedman 16 hours ago
Probably shouldnt be welding next to a can of brake cleaner XD
الامبراطور اليماني
Body those people who say that are lazy!! They don't have ambition!! They hopeless afraid of tomorrow because they never succeed for it.....
birdman 17 hours ago
man wear some PPE haha
Fernando Villeda
Fernando Villeda 17 hours ago
Don't put an ls in a Mazda rx7.. Put a jzgte on it..👌👍JDM Gang!!
Nick Gibson
Nick Gibson 17 hours ago
Pineapple lumps tho bro.
Five dots Dave
Five dots Dave 18 hours ago
If the new exhaust had about 300mm cut off the tail pipe it would look so much better.....
Mike oneill
Mike oneill 18 hours ago
rotors are saposta b loud af thats y i love them
Caffeinated Frostbite
is the rx8 a viable daily driver? is 70k miles too much on one?
Dmnk Rocks
Dmnk Rocks 18 hours ago
speaking of JDM... 16:56 - In the bin! :D
D-Ran Yatertots
D-Ran Yatertots 18 hours ago
Installed new starter -> removed startup sound Installed badass exhaust -> didn't drive the car
Adam Miller
Adam Miller 19 hours ago
Safety squintz FTW
Iian 19 hours ago
UV radiation will go right through your eyelids. Don't tack without eye pro lol
Piergiorgio Cestra
Piergiorgio Cestra 19 hours ago
Your RX7 sounds amazing now! Before it sounded great too but too much like a trumpet
Joseph Gonzalez
Joseph Gonzalez 19 hours ago
No purging?
CA Shark Hunters
CA Shark Hunters 20 hours ago
No matter if you know what ur seeing you can always tell someone that loves and mastered what they’re doing
As it Should Be
As it Should Be 20 hours ago
a female mechanichs?
Adrian Graham
Adrian Graham 20 hours ago
Enjoying watching you and Emilia upload on the same time frame about LS Fest. Was waiting to catch a glimpse of you in one of her vids or vice versa, but still great content from both of you.
mrexon 21 hour ago
I really hope he was not tasting that! Aluminum is not a good thing to injest at all!!!!
Carlos Fuentez
Carlos Fuentez 21 hour ago
Shut up! shut up! shut up ! Lol
Niftynexuss 21 hour ago
sounds kinda shitty now?
Justin Redman
Justin Redman 21 hour ago
If you drink liquid aluminum, when you shit, is it billet aluminum or just plain old extruded aluminum??? Asking for a friend...
oblivion 7
oblivion 7 22 hours ago
honey dews do taste like shit
Liftium 23 hours ago
Don't hard-fasten the titanium exhaust to the chassis, the titanium welds will crack. You can use Antivibration Rubber Mount.
Mason Griffin
Mason Griffin 23 hours ago
seriously tho that starter!
Brackon corbridge
I was kinda worried a little bit about the sound after with 3 resignators but dang being 4inch tht sounds smooth plus tht starter tho. Dam.
Wolf Aja
Wolf Aja Day ago
I like how when the rx-7 is running the subtitles say “music”.
Brian Krepps
Brian Krepps Day ago
Great sound guys
Robin Schiller
These shoes & shorts get me every time :D
Erik U
Erik U Day ago
When are the "firing on all rotor's" hats getting shipped?? ordered mine half a year ago lol
Wade Pollard
Wade Pollard Day ago
The new exhaust makes it sound SO damn good
5280LFE Day ago
Sad sad day
BjornFSE Day ago
could have given the old exhaust away to an RX7 owner.... just saying, One mans "trash" another mans treasure cz it wasn't trash when it was what u needed. Good Video As Always, Love the new Exhaust, Very Interesting putting 3x Resonators lol.
JDM Day ago
Never realized how loud rx7s are until my ears went death just from hearing one idle the other day
Benjamin Pectol
1:14 gaperoni and cheese from a mini van
Mi Mika
Mi Mika Day ago
Rob ASMR Porn is not allowed on youtube.Good Luck.And thanks for sharing.
Gus Burgin
Gus Burgin Day ago
Why did the turbine spin when he hit the starter, oil pressure?
Akira Day ago
Nice touch with the squeaky belt 👌
Big Injun
Big Injun Day ago
Robs going yo learn about exhaust scavenging 😭😭 he's come so far.
Shagi Rani
Shagi Rani Day ago
Quiet Strom I like that...
Duata Sailo
Duata Sailo Day ago
Rx7 = huauuu huauuu huauuu huauuu braaap braaap braaaaaappp!!! huauuu huauuu huauuu...
Martin Louw
Martin Louw Day ago
That exhaust is a piece of art damn
Keaton M.
Keaton M. Day ago
Isaiah gotta chill with the fresh haircut my girl watches these 🥵
Ryan Godley
Ryan Godley Day ago
You're a % billet now 🤣🤣🤣
Jake Lawrance
4:38 the cinematography in this section is incredible
Oooh, someone's using copyright free music and not giving credits. Can't fool me Rob, I used the same song my last episode. 😉👍