How we make 1400+ HP with a Rotary Engine. 4 Rotor Teardown 

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Feb 4, 2021




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Duata Sailo
Duata Sailo Day ago
Rx7 = huauuu huauuu huauuu huauuu braaap braaap braaaaaappp!!! huauuu huauuu huauuu...
Simon Young
Simon Young 7 days ago
Maztech in Australia has been building these for 20 yrs..
KingOfBoletaria 14 days ago
We should call it the hoonibaby
Anthony N
Anthony N 18 days ago
TOD BUDDE'S 4 rotor 4 link twin turbo RX7 is miles ahead of this..!
EM6285 21 day ago
12 combustion chambers 7.8 liters real and actual displacement
LP Jones
LP Jones 22 days ago
This is educational, entertaining, and calming all at the same time. I'm learning so much and I'm also aroused so much lol
Make me one please Rob. Make a poor man who's had a cruel life the happiest bastard on the planet 😃😃
captain D
captain D 24 days ago
When is this thing going to run a 1/4 mile in 6 seconds
myenamesbacon 25 days ago
wait wait you could make like an infinite rotary engine becus all the chambers u can just chop in pieces like that :O
Craig Z
Craig Z 27 days ago
This only got a thumbs up for that ridiculous smile on robs face during the opening slow mo. Cheers man.
Will Carpentieri
Will Carpentieri 28 days ago
I can’t believe it made so much on stock ports
swagger Lord
swagger Lord 29 days ago
Rotary engines suck.
Joachim Singh
Joachim Singh Month ago
That clutch is so small and cute
Joachim Singh
Joachim Singh Month ago
Yes you can!
Джермен Гвишиани
Эх,,, (((( на русском бы перевод!
Joel Verdier
Joel Verdier Month ago
How much is Valvoline paying you?
Ak's GARAGE Month ago
I use VR in two of my old school engines. Love the oil.
Vernon Modglin
Vernon Modglin Month ago
He's jingling them!
srt350z Month ago
Love VR1
Charles Shamseldin
Rob if you were a dog you'd be a pit bull. Lovable and loyal to a fault. Tenacious, and you never give up. When my FC turbo gave up catastrophically on startup back in '96 I couldn't afford to fix her and didn't understand how or why it happened. So I had to let her go. Still breaks my heart to think about that car. I watch these and it takes me back to hear your car scream, although my 13b never quite sounded like the monster you're building 😳🤣 Keep up the great work sir
marco brenni
marco brenni Month ago
So much work for a rotor Wankel which was a failure allover the world. This motor has no future if not only for stubborn freaks. Even Mazda gave it definitively up.
Sam Renner
Sam Renner Month ago
Maw Poowwer!
Flexus Russia
Flexus Russia Month ago
Perimeter Month ago
Rob, burning a little oil does not hurt in a valve 4 stroke, helps keep the intake valves lubricated, through crankcase breathing.
King predator
King predator Month ago
Robert green did it first
Hebrew Hooligan
Hebrew Hooligan Month ago
In like 2060 my grandkids are gonna talk about Rob Dahm Racing like how I talk about Shelby or something.
相沢豊後守 Month ago
Chase evans
Chase evans Month ago
The hushed memory mathematically offer because pen hemodynamically delay forenenst a unarmed drawbridge. puzzled, resolute disadvantage
Anthony N
Anthony N Month ago
🚨🚨🚨ROB🚨🚨🚨 SERIOUS QUESTION...Have you checked the fazing on that eccentric shaft, as far as TDC on each, I bet you its out..! Its the way its manufactured, this is what will kill this engine..!
Anthony N
Anthony N Month ago
The more I watch, the more I have to comment, the eccentric shift does not push Rob.... the rotors push the shaft, fuck Rob, get with it..!
Anthony N
Anthony N Month ago
Nobody's ever run a motor like this before...? WTF..!!! Rob, you are far from the only person to have a 4 Rotor, and there are plenty that have been driven way harder..! Your engine isn't suffering ecause of the 4 link, your driveline is whats coping the pounding..!
excessiveham Month ago
You should see if the vet can get rid of the 9 lives the cat has.
Cameron Month ago
Camera guy is mic breathing HARD
Dale Stephan
Dale Stephan Month ago
I thought he was going to go to bonneville?
Nacho Colón
Nacho Colón Month ago
Parece el auto de Batman.
Stringy-bark creek
It's no secret it's a billitpro centre plate
Usuario_ De_Café
0:17 slow this. it give me goosebumps!!!
r1ch1 Month ago
12:01 😂😅🤣
1997 nissan skyline gtr
just smart enginer ca build this engine
subten canada
subten canada Month ago
Yeah 1400 but the car only went over a 100mph once when facing the hoonicorn which had a ton a problems with fenders an bumpers flying off the car in every pass. Its more of a show car not a performance car to compete with. And the owner needs driving lessons ASAP.
Ej6Vasquez Month ago
I would love to this awd rx7 race against ken blocks hoonicorn 💪💪💪 #japanesemuscle
Jude Quintana
Jude Quintana Month ago
Damn homie how much does it cost to live in a call of duty map?🤔 Looks like the house on Raid from Black Ops 2😂
Tacospaceman Month ago
9:48 I really appreciate the *slam* and the *Slam Slam* edits. Very funny. I hate when I’m editing audio and those little things happen.
Liam Nissan
Liam Nissan 2 months ago
Valvoline Is hands down the best oil In the game, unfortunately the prices reflect this aswell.
hiram vazquez
hiram vazquez 2 months ago
In puerto rico 13b have 1500 hp an you 4 rotor 1450 jajajajajajaja
Hafiz Hassan
Hafiz Hassan 2 months ago
Add spark plug for feul saving
DeepPastry 2 months ago
Nice, ball bearings are great for oil loss situations. Sure, if you have oil and oil pressure, journal bearings are near frictionless, but have your oil pump crap the bed and things are not good.
thomson himes
thomson himes 2 months ago
Can you please address the EPA trying to kill our car culture and community and some of our lives if you do not know the EPA is trying to ban everything car related including tuning, boost and many other things. We are under attack we need to address this now before it becomes too late. We can counter this if we gain Support for the RPM act the link to SEMA's page on it is listed below. Please give support so we can keep the car culture alive. To give your voice and save this thing we love go to www.sema.org/epa-news
Oppo A12
Oppo A12 2 months ago
Use the crank instead of the piston. Excellent.
Alif Perambahan
Alif Perambahan 2 months ago
very fragile(nahh), better look at the mad mike build's
Dpschof 2 months ago
I love the lil pops 😂😂
Just Kart Builds
Just Kart Builds 2 months ago
I think I got wood watching this disassembly.
madmazdamini 2 months ago
I want one !!! How much?
Holako Pro
Holako Pro 2 months ago
Good jub
Isall Stone
Isall Stone 2 months ago
Honigan car 1.400hp ?
Akbar Rassy
Akbar Rassy 2 months ago
Ga bisa bahasa inggris
максим игнатьев
Очень интересно, но не фига не понятно.
mttswllmadeit 2 months ago
dude can you make compression tests on rotors :D
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez 2 months ago
Build a 4 rotor drag car and make it work I guarantee you your channel will blow up big. Plus that's really exciting unlike whatever that is you got going on because you're just spending mom and dad's money on BS. You went in that thing because that shaft is very expensive.
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez 2 months ago
Us Puertoricans the kings of the rotary engine who you don't like to acknowledge very much, we make upwards of 1,600hp with a 13b. But you build a nice car for what it is.
Sosa Parks
Sosa Parks 2 months ago
Paul Pz
Paul Pz 2 months ago
I just stopped by to say that Ken Block currently has (arguably) one of the very best performance cars that's ever existed on this planet and a team of tuners that knows it thoroughly so you almost had no chance of truly beating him..now that I've gotten that out let me say what I actually wanted to say which is that no one with an opinion that matters gives a FUQ because your 4-R car IS (not arguably) the baddest car currently circulating the internet and I mean, does anything else really matter..that's rhetorical but I'll assist with a "NO"
Tino B
Tino B 2 months ago
Hi, im interested in tuning and this whole scene, but im just 16, so do you guys have some kind of degree or education? Or did you just tried and gained experience over years...
CivMicheals 2 months ago
Casually has a diablo sitting outside...
FractilOpacity 2 months ago
Blown motor and he still almost beat Ken in the Hoonicorn. We need a Rebuild Rematch
christos kadis
christos kadis 2 months ago
Do yourself a favor and give a call to P.P.R.E in New Zealand or R.E.C in Canada..........
Hutox 2 months ago
What a beast
たけぞう 2 months ago
Nathan Dean
Nathan Dean 2 months ago
how dare you show a naked four rotor engine. and exposing it naked parts . how dare you. you should be ashamed for doing that.
Cassiano Lara
Cassiano Lara 2 months ago
is that a diablo?
Gamers United
Gamers United 2 months ago
The real life stiffler. 😂
dernoman 2 months ago
Thats so cool with all the ball bearings!! never really thought that they could have such a lkargew impact on a build!
Zoid Burg
Zoid Burg 2 months ago
YOU STILL flogging this dead horse?! 🙄
동굴원인 2 months ago
fd 파이팅....
Meelis 2 months ago
Young Sergio Ramos helping him out
samaravadi3 2 months ago
You don't own the cat, cat owns you
Kyle Mohan Racing
Kyle Mohan Racing 2 months ago
Very cool 👌
Jacques Van Heerden
Jacques Van Heerden 3 months ago
Whats the max rpm you've got with the 4 rotory🍻
backyard developments
All that power and still cant a piston motor
Davin Corrigan
Davin Corrigan 3 months ago
Glad to see your doing well, I asked you professional advice about careers a few years and you wrote me back. I’m now in a job that pays 3 times as much and happy, I got my turbo Miata completely done and absolutely perfect, thanks for the help.
reeses pieces
reeses pieces 3 months ago
We need to spam forza for them to put robs rx7 in the next game!!!!!!!
reeses pieces
reeses pieces 3 months ago
We need to spam forza for them to put robs rx7 in the next game!!!!!!!
Mr Bennett
Mr Bennett 3 months ago
Surely there should be merch saying THAT DAHM CAR/ROTARY ?
Marzena Bronowicka
Marzena Bronowicka 3 months ago
Jeroen Reyns
Jeroen Reyns 3 months ago
Rob putting out a massive ad for Valvoline xd
gaspumprob 3 months ago
Rob, I have a question that has been on my mind for a while watching your videos. It always seems like your gear ratio is too high for burnouts and hole shot launches. I’m I way off on my perception? Does anyone else agree with my observations? Thanks, Gas Pump Rob here in Southern California
gaspumprob 2 months ago
@Jake O'Shaughnessy Maybe so or maybe it’s because he is running an ultra lightweight flywheel?
Jake O'Shaughnessy
Jake O'Shaughnessy 2 months ago
I think it's because rotaries run at a higher rpm than piston cars
Kol Son
Kol Son 3 months ago
Mo powah baby
Kyle Chow
Kyle Chow 3 months ago
Dark Light
Dark Light 3 months ago
imagine swaping 12 rotor engine in a bus😂
Jason Campbell
Jason Campbell 3 months ago
Nice content. Thanks for sharing. My Datsun needs a 4-rotor.
You_Broke_My_Cool 3 months ago
Yo Rob, Its been months now and I still don't have my shirt... I've tried emailing you several times and message goes undelivered. WTF man? I'm not a wealthy guy at all but wanted to contribute to the RX7 and now I just feel ripped off. You probably won't even see this and again my message will fall on deaf ears, I'm still $50 down and no shirt! :( FML. Has anybody else bought a shirt and not yet received? (Bought in October)
DevilG 3 months ago
Thats rough man, Sorry to hear that 😔
Bran dao
Bran dao 3 months ago
Yo cats are just way too cute..
Quartus Buys
Quartus Buys 3 months ago
Most AWESOME car I have layed my eyes on.
Subaru Wrx
Subaru Wrx 3 months ago
Cat piss is highly corrosive especially on alloy rims ....it slays paintwork too
free juice
free juice 3 months ago
rotary engines look so alien
Trilochan velmurugan
The first car to destroy hoonicorn its an absolute legend
Dan Schween
Dan Schween 3 months ago
Rob, do you pay for all the mechanics that help you in the shop? Idk if you got money to blow or you got some really talented, loyal friends. Either way, congrats on all your progress and success. You took on an elaborate, immense project and you kicked ass.
No Name
No Name 3 months ago
Hearing 4 rotor make women do this...... 18:41
djwilliams 3 months ago
Are you going to be able to machine your own rotors and housings with the CNC machine?
djwilliams 3 months ago
Drives car 2 miles, must pull engine apart... Just full send the damn thing!!