My AWD 4 Rotor BROKE on the only day I could test it to 200 mph. Almost ruined everything. 

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Dec 12, 2020




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Bastelbude des Todes 😂😂😂
Christopher Minor
Christopher Minor 2 months ago
safteywire you bolts
awesomeness17dude 2 months ago
6:50 I'm not the only one who caught that, right?
ethals 2 months ago
5:25 is why his hood failed. Not nearly secure enough for that speed
No Name
No Name 2 months ago
Even when you break your winning
BuffaloWarrior7 2 months ago
Turns out they were not solid. Lol
Keaton's carlott
Keaton's carlott 3 months ago
A hood catch is still needed. Dont trust them.
Euronymous 3 months ago
6:50 ;)
Romance Mehanics
Romance Mehanics 4 months ago
Time to start drilling holes in the heads of the bolts and wire tying them. I'm sure I've seen you do it else were on the build. Honestly who would have thought you needed to do that on a 1800 dollar part? :(
Romance Mehanics
Romance Mehanics 4 months ago
us-first.info/player/video/fK9sqn-idYdrhmQ.html just thought it was funny he was using saftey wire on a oil pump! any chance we can learn from something right? :D
ninjasurvive 4 months ago
Rob, i m from a family that does similar stuff on smaller cars and ive found that the faster the car goes, the less time you actually drive them....just an observation😊...best of luck for the race!
SomeGuyWithAChannel 4 months ago
My favorite part is it says pornhub when you start it
Duner250R 4 months ago
When the four rotor is painted please get professional pictures taken and printed into posters. I will buy some and I'm sure many others will as well, signed of course!
765LT Or Bust
765LT Or Bust 4 months ago
Whats the intro music?
Kris I.
Kris I. 4 months ago
How can u rectify the oil pump issues ? I guess your gonna always need an extra with you possibly a trailer enclosed where the car is above and u can go below it and work if need be .... I love fast stuff but man its always something with is heart breaking
Manolin Rodriguez-Moyeno
Hey Rob is time to get your own trailer bro! Those ones that are hydraulic LOL
Arthxe 1337
Arthxe 1337 4 months ago
that z32 next to the 4 rotors is sick. 8:15
Joker Pms
Joker Pms 4 months ago
Yoh I fast forward all robs videos lol
ForAl lMankind
ForAl lMankind 4 months ago
6:50 .. wait .. WHAT ?? Porn Hub ? Seriously ?
Machtavian 4 months ago
I can’t believe he’s running it to 200 mph with those fenders cut down like that. I hope he doesn’t lift off with all the air getting under the fenders. Certainly causing a lot more drag.
Devin Jones
Devin Jones 4 months ago
I love your 100% honesty on these parts bc it just shows us absolute honest and good reviews
Michael O
Michael O 4 months ago
6:50 Love the dash LOL
Justin wiseman
Justin wiseman 5 months ago
I think about 99.8 % of us don't care if you break the law. We'd (A) love to see you send it. (B) do what any of us non-youtubers do and make sure your hard work paid off.
dudder86 dudder
dudder86 dudder 5 months ago
Pornhub lol
momatedise 5 months ago
you should go for an Auto Verdi pump. Is used in nascar and made in sweden, you can watch Peter Björcks video about them
EchoAxis Gaming
EchoAxis Gaming 5 months ago
phub dash haha
Scott Bourdin
Scott Bourdin 5 months ago
We have been racing blown alcohol funny cars for years and 80% of our damage and maintenance comes from travelling in the trailer. And as frustrating as it was that the pump came loose while on the trailer, that’s pretty common for things to rattle loose. Especially on a simple leaf sprung trailer. We have air ride on our stacker and we still have issues while towing.
Anthony N
Anthony N 5 months ago
PAY UP ROB..!!! You owe me $$$5K$$$ told you the car would shit itself at the track..!!!
KrustyPickle 5 months ago
Its a shame...what happened to that sticker later 🤣 great race man 🤘🏽🔥
John Guilfoyle
John Guilfoyle 5 months ago
Wow! Watching this video out of order turns serious work into foreshadowing. Hood Latches a foot back from the front of the hood? Hmmm... What could happen?
Guns Cars and Digits
Dude, I congratulate you on building this thing! I've seen you on Hoonigan, and when you first started this project, it seemed unattainable like vaporware. But, you keep going on it, and that's awesome! If you can't do something in life because you straight up love doing it, then what the fuck is the point! I feel the same way. Some day in our lifetime, here in the U.S., we'll be able to make our own gas to keep doing what we enjoy.
Seth Tynan
Seth Tynan 5 months ago
Is this the hood that broke your back window with Ken?
coco Boo
coco Boo 5 months ago
Maybe it was the type of trailer you used
Rolls Royce Wraith
Rolls Royce Wraith 5 months ago
did anybody else see the pornhub logo on the dash?
isick s2k
isick s2k 5 months ago
So this hood pins failed?
kevin 5 months ago
whats the theme song playing for this video?
superlegoboysz 5 months ago
How good that thing sounded on the street with just a little throttle. My god.
Paul Adams
Paul Adams 5 months ago
Good to see she’s all fixed...👌🏻
Tristian Baker
Tristian Baker 5 months ago
Sponsored by Loctite
David Baucom
David Baucom 5 months ago
no wire ties, no tunnel over the transmission, car comes apart going down the track. this guy is a liability, wouldnt even want to drive in my own car anywhere near this shadetree youtube howto mechanic crap. laughable
azrul nizam
azrul nizam 5 months ago
I’m not a huge fan of a wheels but those butt are damn pretty.
Osvaldo B
Osvaldo B 5 months ago
you need a better trailer than the uhaul rental bro
Mantis Garage
Mantis Garage 5 months ago
i don't trust those hood latches, should use clevis pins seems more secure at 200mph
N4CR 5 months ago
All this shit you add but no trans tunnel? Don't be naive.
joey schultz
joey schultz 5 months ago
To see how good the 4 rotor looks and it’s not even technical done like 🥵🥵🥵🥵
Xpress Beats Djs
Xpress Beats Djs 5 months ago
Liam Maddox
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Iahs Samuel
Iahs Samuel 5 months ago
Getting sick of your wait for it click bait about to unfollow the whole project ..
Scott Sillis
Scott Sillis 5 months ago
Rob did you cut the front spoiler? Why not just out a block of timber under the front wheels to lift it enough to clear the trailer?
James Burns
James Burns 5 months ago
Honestly one of the coolest things I've seen in a while, you're crazy dude
Arthur Zimmerman
Arthur Zimmerman 5 months ago
Dame car gremlins
paintballinfoo 5 months ago
race w/ ken block?....... WHAT?!?!?!??!?!
itskarl1799 5 months ago
9:15 and look who else it is!
MJPilote 5 months ago
Lock wire! Drill every single bolt and nut on that thing and use lock wire.
Tony Clark
Tony Clark 5 months ago
Alton Mackenzie
Alton Mackenzie 5 months ago
You got this race in the bag
sirstevio 5 months ago
Having seen your hood jettison whist racing the Hoonicorn ... aren't we glad you didn't.. that said it kinda was on your mind lol 3:21
kadeem outlaw
kadeem outlaw 5 months ago
I think you should figure it out spend more time fixing it than driving it always falling apart you spend mad money on a car that falls apart all the time in breaks get it together or cut your losses still amazing car tho
Splizzy 5 months ago
That spin was really awkward rob 😂😂 10:55
Ya Want Shum?
Ya Want Shum? 5 months ago
20:45 sounds like you'd be doing over 100mph then you drive by and it's the speed limit..
auto mech
auto mech 5 months ago
Wonder how much will left on body if this put on rally racing
Blotted 5 months ago
Its so terrible the roof of the FD got fucked in the hoonicorn race. hoods and rear glass can be replaced but that sheet metal on the roof is fucked :(
Miguel Defares
Miguel Defares 5 months ago
Carbon fiber every body panel. 🤭
dbTomadb 5 months ago
Ron Simmons said it.... _ _ _ _ DAHMN!!! ^^
Matt Baker
Matt Baker 5 months ago
How do I schedule a few pulls with this chump?? Best of 3 Robski 💵💵
Matt Baker
Matt Baker 5 months ago
Jesus Christ... does anybody at your shop know what they’re doing?.... it’s like a fail compilation with a neat sounding exhaust 🤦🏻
andrreew 5 months ago
6:50 the screen😂😂😂
TT Innovations
TT Innovations 5 months ago
I'm subscribing b/c you raced Hoo-i-gang and beat the crap out of it, mad props =) , build not bought and driven no parked =)
Feroz Abdoola
Feroz Abdoola 5 months ago
Broke again.....time to sell and gety a Toyota Corolla
Tellin Yee
Tellin Yee 5 months ago
Those are called drawrods, and should be checked regularly as part of a whole car bolt check, especially the first few times the car is driven. Its more of a concern with the longer pumps. I run a single stage R4 on a n/a SBC turning 8500 and the nuts have never loosened, but I still check them occasionally.
neil dantino
neil dantino 5 months ago
Bought those EXACT same hood latches, love them. Unfortunately one failed recently, can’t get it to release & haven’t had time to sort it out yet. Fyi
Jaybruhh 5 months ago
*_The company that you got the pump from should take notes and put some better bolts…_*
Kyle Lentz
Kyle Lentz 5 months ago
Torque wrench and elbow grease and blue loctite? Never heard of her.
Ryan DiBiase
Ryan DiBiase 5 months ago
Called it
Les Richardson
Les Richardson 5 months ago
What's that song that's playing at various spots? It sounds really good.
Robin Sjöberg
Robin Sjöberg 5 months ago
There is a Company in Sweden that makes the best oilpumps heard they are using it in Nascar aswell you should talk to them dude
Maxime Vhw
Maxime Vhw 5 months ago
Your oil is green. im intrested
Highstranger951 5 months ago
Maybe give Melling a call, they could build you a decent oil pump.
Samson FPV
Samson FPV 5 months ago
“ the speed limit... A speed limit... okay, the limit of Its speed” Best quote ever ?
Stanton Frank
Stanton Frank 5 months ago
Yes officer, it's stock
ViolentLotus 5 months ago
Just came here from the video of the awesome race versus the Hoonicorn. Hope you get it all patched up again soon. Edited to add... I'm guessing this video was filmed before that one.
mightymikethebear 5 months ago
The car sounds great.
Gio Dezera
Gio Dezera 5 months ago
Rob for fucks sake iron your DAHM shirts!
SPEED* .com
SPEED* .com 5 months ago
Song at 0:00?
Jordan Hillard
Jordan Hillard 5 months ago
Should've went with aerocatches! ;)
Zymon Ramirez
Zymon Ramirez 5 months ago
"If you have an all wheel drive 4 rotor, dont try this at home" where? where do we find an awd 4 rotor?
Patrick Minor
Patrick Minor 5 months ago
Has the phub start up always been there?
patrick Irish
patrick Irish 5 months ago
I love the irony of all the work being done to mount the hood. Little did rob know...
Cornelia Chukes
Cornelia Chukes 5 months ago
The unarmed mimosa algorithmically shop because seal immunochemically wreck vice a ad suede. creepy, sharp tank
john harvey ancheta
john harvey ancheta 5 months ago
Last appearance of the hood before it ripped off during the race hahaha. Came here after watching the most anticipated race of 2020 👌
Bandar Hamdi
Bandar Hamdi 5 months ago
I'm glad u still alive bro. This this is dangerous
Hybrid_Lord TheHigherBreedInc.
I didn’t wanna see a race result.. Just you being happy after she completed a ripper run 😊 will make my day.
Frederik Sørensen
Frederik Sørensen 5 months ago
WOW, it sounds so good on the street
John Maselli
John Maselli 5 months ago
I was just wondering if that was a rotary thing or not for it to smoke the way it does? I mean it's literally throwing out plumes of smoke
TenchFries 5 months ago
Add this to the "it broke" compilation
Gabriel Valentic
Gabriel Valentic 5 months ago
I love the dash start up hahahahaha
VolvoValor 5 months ago
Dahmmmmm son. That ride is sick!
Beck's Armory
Beck's Armory 5 months ago
I love how Rob says "exactly 5" while referring to a measurement taken with a tap measure. lol I love ya Rob just giving you some shit. :) There is nothing "exact" about a tape measure. :)
NightmareCrysis 5 months ago
it's the PornHub screen on start up for me lol
Matthew Childress
Matthew Childress 5 months ago
that thing sounds so sick!!!
Michael Trout
Michael Trout 5 months ago
Another one.. safety wire the oil pump bolts... thanks love the videos lol