The 3 Rotor RX-7 called the COPS on itself. 

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Feb 11, 2021




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Comments 100   
InfiniteWars 2 days ago
nice to see super cool cops.... respect to these two guys
Alexcraf 2 days ago
"Yes Officer, it's stock"
Jefferson shi
Jefferson shi 12 days ago
What's the song in the beginning??
evotec 12 days ago
I just thought about this situation with the cops but placed in germany. Jailtime :D
FryD420 16 days ago
excuse me? youre sitting on my lambo?
Nathan Gregory
Nathan Gregory 20 days ago
man I got a collector 86 red gxl with 43,000 original kms, wish it was the tII but still
idunlikeyou 23 days ago
Low Carb
Low Carb 23 days ago
Love how friendly and interested the Police is there..here in Germany they would fuck you right away :D At least in most cases. Sometimes there are still cool cops, but unfortunately it is not as fun as anywhere else over here.. :(
DarkRedDust 28 days ago
Now I wanna see the tütü clip
DarkRedDust 28 days ago
You can actually bend titanium, you just need to get it glowing hot
Mr.Moments 29 days ago
Cornwell makes a vacuum filler, it is not a hand pump but it does work i use it at work. @robdahm
achillers rs
achillers rs Month ago
this the first comment section i seen on this channel yo fans love you 😭
pinshebarry Month ago
I like how the officer ask if that was a backfire and then ask to do it again. I would be really excited too, just to be neer an rotary engine car specially an rx7
Brian Adams
Brian Adams Month ago
Question - I'd like to get a RX7 one day and swap in a 3 rotor. Does that require any fabrication or straight swap?
Brian Adams
Brian Adams Month ago
That red GSL is sooooooooo nice.
Hebrew Hooligan
Hebrew Hooligan Month ago
Cold??? 50°??? Come on man!
Hebrew Hooligan
Hebrew Hooligan Month ago
I have seen those pumps that do a vacuum. They are like a squeeze type pump.
think about
think about Month ago
What state is it? And is it legal to drive on the street? Greetings from germany
Nick Cervantez
Nick Cervantez Month ago
5:30 its easier this way lmfao.....
Calvin Millis
Calvin Millis Month ago
Each back fire sounds like a sonic boom
Master Baiter
Master Baiter Month ago
My buddies friend has a v8 rotor
MAM 1320
MAM 1320 Month ago
And the cops just smiling when they hear the 3 rotor ☺️
Johnathan J
Johnathan J Month ago
As a scion frs owner. Front bumpers suck so much 🤣
takumi nightcore
I love the how the cops are so cool with you doing these silly projects
Booz Month ago
Das some cops being bros
Alfonso Molina
Alfonso Molina Month ago
wheres is that shop where you bought your bumper i just bouht gxl mazda rx7 fc
Matt Netko
Matt Netko Month ago
dat name drop :D
Michael McArthur
Lol the US-first closed captioning labels the engine sounds as music. If it weren't deafening, I might agree!
Fool Of a Took
Fool Of a Took Month ago
30 minutes just to tell two cops your car is loud? I already know Its gonna be a lot of talking and very little of what the thumbnail describes.
Demon Rebecca
Demon Rebecca Month ago
Dude those cops were the coolest ever, especially for Cali cops. You totally made their day.
Little advice for bleeding a thermostat. Prop the thermostat open with an aprin tablet. Will will bleed just fine and the aspirin will dissolve. Not hitting a thing. Learned this from keegan of Keegan engineering.
Collin Pugh
Collin Pugh Month ago
very phalacious sir, couldnt get any better. i almost finished the video but i couldnt last that long. was about 5.5 minutes in and that was all i had...
Collin Pugh
Collin Pugh Month ago
that's a pretty soft (giggity) throttle cable you have there sir lol
Collin Pugh
Collin Pugh Month ago
"because it's just not an easy process" sounds like the way my last 3 relationships ended... :'0
airflez Month ago
Community Tank Home Disasters
Can you do it again.... kaaaafuckiinnnngggg booom. Lol.
Harnek Month ago
UncleJoey Month ago
Thank you
Onur Senol
Onur Senol Month ago
Bro, there was LITERALLY advertises EVERY TWO MINUTES
ovard Month ago
Who effed up this mans bumper? Lemme at em.
Boguś Month ago
30:18 ufo
dave jack
dave jack Month ago
for good bluing use a pot full of metal shavings and chips heat it all up and it will evenly blue or purple
Lorenzo Borja
Lorenzo Borja Month ago
Love the car
that 1 car guy ice
Rob living the dream I wish I could guy into rotary engines like him
pwol9 Month ago
I'd love to see the cops reaction after a nasty rx-7 2 step lol
Everything and More
I wish we would have such cool cops like those 2 here in Germany.
Amaro Sarlo Dolce
DRAGOON 2100 Month ago
Yes officer it's stock
Slick Raccoon 556
Hey, you know it's a good time when we are getting into the truck ( no is not a rotary swap ! ) LoL 🤣
Kyruf Alkas
Kyruf Alkas Month ago
and i though my car was loud
The Official Sikris
Holy shit, that throaty tenor 3 rotor rumble is just *spicy* definitely giving the V8 rumble a run for its money.
Dan iel
Dan iel Month ago
Rob: „that’s the small engine. It doesn’t have that much hp.“ Cops: „how much hp does it have?“ Rob: „a thousand!“ As if it was the most normal thing in the world
Gerben Hofman
Gerben Hofman Month ago
They have made tools for vacuuming your cooling system { tf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\cocoartf2578 \cocoatextscaling1\cocoaplatform1{\fonttbl\f0\fnil\fcharset0 OpenSans-Regular;\f1\fnil\fcharset0 FontAwesome5FreeSolid;} {\colortbl; ed255\green255\blue255; ed68\green68\blue68; ed255\green255\blue255; ed0\green69\blue98; } {\*\expandedcolortbl;;\cssrgb\c26667\c26667\c26667;\cssrgb\c100000\c100000\c100000;\cssrgb\c0\c27059\c38431; } \deftab720 \pard\pardeftab720\partightenfactor0 \f0\fs26 \cf2 \expnd0\expndtw0\kerning0 \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 \ \pard\pardeftab720\partightenfactor0 \cf3 \cb4 \strokec3 \ \pard\pardeftab720\partightenfactor0 \f1\fs48 \cf4 \cb1 \strokec4 \shad\shadx0\shady0\shadr40\shado255 \shadc0 \ \ }
Christian Green
Christian Green Month ago
Godddddddd, I would love to be able to work on cars like that
PKSnake444 Month ago
A device to pull air out of the system is called a vacuum filler. You can place the cooling system into a vacuum and fill it by removing the air and replacing it with coolant. Before filling it, you can also use it to test the system. It is not as effective as pressurizing the system, but it does help locate leaks before filling the system. shop.snapon.com/product/Vacuum-Cooling-System-Fillers/Vacuum-Cooling-System-Filler/SVTSRAD272A
Marcel Gin
Marcel Gin 2 months ago
In germany we call this "stillgelegt"
Razor Gaming
Razor Gaming 2 months ago
someone give me the link for the video with him wearing the tu tu
Nicolás Aguilar
Nicolás Aguilar 2 months ago
Quick question. What car was at the start of the video?? The red one
BL3ND 2 months ago
Those are nice cops here in iraq i own a stock charger scatpack 6.4 its fully stock no exhaust mods no nothing it got impounded for being too loud and it came from the dealer that way.
White Night Demon
White Night Demon 2 months ago
thought titanium was bendable.....
Jeremiah Meachum
Jeremiah Meachum 2 months ago
Sounds like an M80 going off
William Cardwell
William Cardwell 2 months ago
There is a vacuum for cooling systems called Air lift. Works off shop air. It pulls a 25 psi vacuum on your cooling system, then you put a hose in your coolant jug to fill with coolant. It works really good. Highly recommend getting one.
shortexistence 2 months ago
Immediately gets ticket for modified exhaust
boostkicksass 2 months ago
Wow you’re cops are actually nice
boostkicksass 2 months ago
You need a hotter gas like mapp
boostkicksass 2 months ago
Pulse weld
boostkicksass 2 months ago
Or not
AfricanTrailm1x 2 months ago
when the cop said " do it again" had me dying lmao
hantront 2 months ago
Its funny to compare this to that one clip where a car backfires 15 times or so in a row and cops show up with guns drawn yelling "WHERES THE GUN!?"
J J 2 months ago
He’s right front bumpers do suck
PRANKurFACE 2 months ago
30:26 luck charm... Repeat a few times
Tivoliterror 2 months ago
Gas-vapor and its reaaalllllyyyy flameable, and you use a wire IN THE engine room to spark the starter....
Ryder Thibodeau
Ryder Thibodeau 2 months ago
How did they not jump at the flames!?
Zero 2 months ago
Sowas wäre in Deutschland nicht möglich ;)
chickenfishhybrid44 2 months ago
They do make a vacuum coolant filler and they're amazing. One time bleed/fill everytime, no air.
Reilly Duncan
Reilly Duncan 2 months ago
“Please secure you’re own throttle body before helping others”😂😂😂
Alexs003 2 months ago
5:47 The best laugh I've ever heard in my life
Skip Long
Skip Long 2 months ago
Anthony Medina Cisneros
One thing I learned in my HVAC class to find leaks easily is to grab some soap and mix with water applying it on different areas that were welded and if it bubbles then you’ve found your leak.
ben fl
ben fl 2 months ago
if this was australia, that cars straight to the impound with a million defect notices, we have a boring country :(
AHEngineering 2 months ago
Flame anodizing titanium is fun. But you picked it up and couldn't tell it was titanium by sight or weight?
That CarGuy
That CarGuy 2 months ago
i love Rob he’s such a humble and positive man in fact so much so that he’s my inspiration
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez 2 months ago
Greetings ...comrades This is Rob. Rob is humble. Rob has a passion for JDM cars. Be like Rob. 🤙
CLC III 2 months ago
Funny at the end.
awesumplayer 2 months ago
You know that they do make a cooling system vacuum filler. I got a cheap one from Amazon it works great.
Xyma Ryai
Xyma Ryai 2 months ago
"we were extremely rich, still are" mhm, in fuel and in money XD
Brendan O'Grady
Brendan O'Grady 2 months ago
They do make a vacuum one lol it’s a vacuum filler
ayylmao 2 months ago
In my country we would get fined for noise pollution smh
BMWM3GT92 2 months ago
16:00 Now that, gentlemen, is why that creature is not relevant to the society.
KiX 2 months ago
Exposure btw
Justin Hummel
Justin Hummel 2 months ago
Phillip B
Phillip B 2 months ago
canadians not knowing gun sounds
LAMBERT FD 2 months ago
Do it again 🤣 brilliant
Ricardo Casillas
Ricardo Casillas 2 months ago
Not in the loop what happens to his front bumper ?
AluOhFolie 2 months ago
in germany, that would be a confiscated car, a big ass fine and pissed off people. oh america xD
JookerSK 2 months ago
Little advice, use a simple soap water which you put on your welds and you will be able to see bubbles where the leak is...
Foxy. 2 months ago
5:39 looks like he has experience
Caleb Harrison
Caleb Harrison 2 months ago
This dudes radiator fan is louder than my engine🥲
Razr5 2 months ago
That were some fricking cool cops!
Xud3s 2 months ago
Why tf did the intro catch me off guard? Like first its some backfire then cops then a cat? WHAT?
a fer
a fer 2 months ago
Hey rob, had to pause at 5:17 when you mentioned you wished they made a system that pulls air out of a cooling system- snap on does, i believe other companies do as well. uses shop air to pull a vacuum on a cooling system, and allows you to fill the system with coolant without having much air left over. Some cars are difficult, my ex' volvo i could never get all the air out with just the radkit (snap on tool), but it is a tool i use almost every week in a professional environment. just figured i would throw it out there for you. another good part, you can pull a vacuum and monitor said vacuum on a gauge to be able to test for leaks, though doing so will never reveal all leaks as well as applying pressure to a system like you did in this video. cheers for all the content, your projects, and the lunacy of mad mike in the drifting world have left me permanently wanting a few wild rotary toys of my own. Thanks!
a fer
a fer 2 months ago
the matco tool is part number mcr103a- not sure what adaptors it comes with or what you will need for that car. the snap on kit is called radkitplususa, its a little cheaper, and comes with a couple different adaptors. both a little over $200
Lance Uppercut
Lance Uppercut 2 months ago
It's cool that they're stoked and smiling from ear to ear.
HNID STX 2 months ago
Cops: ach das war dein Auto das so ballert, wir sind dann mal wieder weg 🤙🏻😂😂😂