The 3 Rotor RX-7 get a NEW Turbo the night before the Half Mile race 

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Cutting it close
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Apr 9, 2021




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Insane4 DeadPool
Isaiah has to be swimmin in women while shops beg for his name
Cortnie Smith
Cortnie Smith Month ago
The Fabrication Fathers moto is “Making Cash Smashing Gash”
FLAT OUT FTW Month ago
@Fabrication Father I had no idea you had your own channel, subscribing right now :)
John Doe
John Doe Month ago
@random internet guy I didn't know that either. I just subbed as well
random internet guy
@Fabrication Father oh no way you have a channel too!? Subbed
Johnny The Mexican
I would expect no less from our fabrication father.
iOS Clipz
iOS Clipz 8 days ago
I like how rob seems like a pussy to everyone else but is actually methodical and responsible for not just absolutely footing the F outta that thing after tuning it up
Just C
Just C 9 days ago
Those welds! Damn!!
Just C
Just C 9 days ago
Zip ties and wd40, engineering essentials!
snmthecloser 12 days ago
Isaiah is a goddamn genius
Hiigara 12 days ago
That's some clean welding
Jake Hathaway
Jake Hathaway 16 days ago
Rob, I'm in the process of designing a splitter and flat underbody myself. Did you use alumilite for the material or go with something else? Just curious how easy you found it to work with.
LP Jones
LP Jones 18 days ago
25:47 Lives in southern california with legit 24 hr mexican restaurants, gets taco bell instead...
TheRossfarnham 24 days ago
Hi Mr Rob Dahm, long time watcher, loving your dream. Hope you can get some ideas for tools from looking at Speedwerx Racing Products. You could potentially make them, or just buy them. But I'm sure you could use the adjustable clamp for welding, and the tube notcher. Toyo Kogyo.
He looks pretty damn close to being a twin to Caitlyn Jenner in that thumbnail...☝😂.. You would make a poor jiffy lube employee ..it takes you 3 day's to change oil..smh
Caleb Kinghorne
Caleb Kinghorne 25 days ago
I missed half a dozen videos and I feel like the editing is now 10x better! Props to the great content keep it up!!
OvAeons 27 days ago
Those aren't rags under the car, that's Isaiah's panty collection.
christopher békési
lol tramming a mill with a water gauge? Comeon
Mr2Guns 29 days ago
This video had me dying LMAO
Islamabad Azadari
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jfv65 Month ago
Nice to see you are taking underbody aerodynamics seriously. IMO it's easy gain to be had and contributes to safety at high speeds.
raheel saleem
raheel saleem Month ago
I hate when he stops working on 4 rotor and gives us a bullshit content when we are all waiting on 4 rotor rx7
Henryk Musial
Henryk Musial Month ago
wheres ur wife BroO
Dax Pie
Dax Pie Month ago
someone get this man a coolant mister before he blows up that endmill. its especially needed when milling stainless
Marty Badegian
Marty Badegian Month ago
Every time Rob gets a new turbo the first step is to cut off the flange and drill some holes in it 😂
Park Street Drift
The rob dahn channel... come for the car porn, stay for the cats and dad/dick jokes.
Adrian Graham
Adrian Graham Month ago
24:27 Does EVERYONE on youtube use this guy for alignments?!
Vette Myky
Vette Myky Month ago
Cutting aluminium without safety classes is very very stupid way. "Very nice" feeling after you have peace of aluminium in your eye...You dont wanna learn...
Based Month ago
that indycar tho
Meme Boi
Meme Boi Month ago
The question is where can I find one of these.
RadicalRevs Month ago
cut the filler rod in half. more stability. ;) love it btw!
Hero3life Month ago
I know this video is longer than normal. But man was this so enjoyable to watch all the way through. keep em coming!
Alex Crouse
Alex Crouse Month ago
You need a finger sander.
Driving Matter
Driving Matter Month ago
I’m so happy Isaiah and Rob found eachother 🥰
Marlon Kwan
Marlon Kwan Month ago
That was not a maine coon.its a racoon
Nathan Radford
Nathan Radford Month ago
I started watching your channel years ago because I believed in your dream of the 4wd 4 rotor, when will you actually finish it because I’m starting to give up on your channel
Milonso Month ago
all those people ruining their camera sensors by filming the welding process...
Andrew Sheh
Andrew Sheh Month ago
You MUST keep the resonator that's at the tip of the exhaust. It's what distinguishes your RX-7 from all the others.
Jason Haley
Jason Haley Month ago
16 Ladies and Gentlemen...1 ½ (one and one half) minutes in before the douch bag whom very likely FREQUENTLY annoys the absolute piss outta his neighbors w/that EXACT false car alarm sound dun pulls his cranium outs his sphincter and turns it off.
Mason Helbig
Mason Helbig Month ago
Are you selling any parts you have laying around in the shop. Also love your builds. I'm going for a boosted Bridgeport rx8 on e85 and I learn a ton from your videos
Wil Clark
Wil Clark Month ago
The little “you’re fuckin stupid” at the end had me rolling XD
michael morgan
michael morgan Month ago
I see the LS Fest West folks are ready for you again--This from the 2021 web page: "Rotary engine-equipped vehicles may be subject to further humiliation including, but not limited to, being parked inside Mr. Chow’s Side Show pit while pit participants engage in close encounters with said vehicles. All children at LS Fest West aged five years and under will be allowed to eat ice cream inside said vehicle."
Jay Sea
Jay Sea Month ago
Make sure the extension doesn’t touch, otherwise it can heat up the hose downstream even worse
Ivan Milovac
Ivan Milovac Month ago
Yo are you swap that indy car. And wen, because we all know you will.
TheZeemr Month ago
wait when did he get a F1 indy car in his shop and why do you not have videos on that thing
TH3ND Month ago
Mo powa babeh!!!!
Zane Rasmussen
Zane Rasmussen Month ago
20:05 what is THAT!?!
Tyler Potter
Tyler Potter Month ago
Isaiah is a god damn artist
Mike Jensen
Mike Jensen Month ago
28:37 'theres your line to cut' said in the most confident voice ever.
Mike Jensen
Mike Jensen Month ago
Mike Jensen
Mike Jensen Month ago
Seth Wilson
Seth Wilson Month ago
Missed opportunity for a "Smilin Rob" segment.
Alexander Fields
should not use petroleum lubricants with rubber o rings. silicone spray is best. you guys are artists! i love the show!
Phoenix Month ago
Rob: "I'm obsessed with fitment" Rest of the world: "Bro, have you seen the 4-rotor's body panels?
Joaquin Corzo
Joaquin Corzo Month ago
Ceramic coat
Joaquin Corzo
Joaquin Corzo Month ago
Porting creat better flowww not just psi flow 😁
Joaquin Corzo
Joaquin Corzo Month ago
Wat happens if u run 1.32ar 5 inch coming out the hood instead im running a 78mm 1.32 twin 360 thrust bearing but iinline 6 14l Detroit
Joaquin Corzo
Joaquin Corzo Month ago
Bigger intercooler aswell for more boost
Joaquin Corzo
Joaquin Corzo Month ago
The bigger the better 👍
crispycris Month ago
Rob, when are we going to get some Lambo love? That Diablo looks so forlorn in the background. It's like it's sad. Like "Fuck me, huh? With your rotisserie chicken up in this bitch."
Josue Umana
Josue Umana Month ago
What’s the song name at 29:35 daddy rob
kaushik kalita
kaushik kalita Month ago
21:44 is that a f1 car down there in red color
gamingwithalex Month ago
plz do a collab with the Vargas brothers
Remnant D
Remnant D Month ago
Cat said nah bro you a Racoon not a Mancoon I'm out.
Speedfreak Teej
Speedfreak Teej Month ago
You can actually buy machined turbo drain fittings just like what you built. I had to do mine with a little bend towards my compressor side though
Martin Harp
Martin Harp Month ago
Do you think it’s coincidence that the hot side of that turbo was balanced in a way that makes it look like a dorito?
Timber Ghost
Timber Ghost Month ago
Any content on the C8 anytime soon? Been a long while.
Brian Gochnauer
Brian Gochnauer Month ago
Racoons will kill cats just for fun, I saw you last video where the racoon started following the cat. They kill cats all the time out here in the Iowa countryside.
Zach Langendorff
Someone get Isaiah some damn safety glasses!
Powerstop Gaming
Ah, Rob drives a 5.9, Or a 6.7, I think it's a 5.9 though, the 6.7 with that body style is pretty uncommon.
Desert Reefer and Son
What an outro! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Christian Mueller
this was already the most "real world" car channel on US-first, but Rob and Isaiah's shop talk makes it even more so
Kevin Dahm
Kevin Dahm Month ago
Best video ending in a long time
Joe Quixotic
Joe Quixotic Month ago
Rob, you probably did it wrong. You should have milled back the division about an inch and given it a bull nose rather than a knife edge. That would have been aerodynamically better, the milling would have been easier but you probably would have to do the bull nose with a die grinder unless you wanted to program that cut on a CNC mill.
Franco J
Franco J Month ago
Are we just going to continue ignoring that Indy car in the background?
Matthew Childress
I could watch Isaiah weld and fabricate all day! he makes it look so easy!
Brad Hughes
Brad Hughes Month ago
Making the default position will not be good enough on the mill if you want to do any sort of consistent work later. you'll need a piece of flat metal to place on the table and then put an indicator in the spindle and sweep it around on the metal. That'll let you tram it back in.
that porn music undelining fabrication shots is spot on :D
Paul Aguirre
Paul Aguirre Month ago
did big bird splooge on that turbski?
Alex Siegfried
Alex Siegfried Month ago
Was there an IndyCar out of frame?
Rocky G
Rocky G Month ago
Rob For some dumb reason I just realized I haven’t been subscribed for like the last year??? I fixed that.
RSD3 Month ago
It’s honestly refreshing to just hear someone cursing on US-first, instead of censorship beeps. It’s realistic. Get get with the fucking program, US-first. It’s 2021, kids don’t give a shit about “foul language.” They’re just amplifying words.
Zubayr Petersen
Zubayr Petersen Month ago
am i the only one that noticed the formula one car in the back ground?
SoundBoy808 Month ago
"The 3 rotor is my budget do at home build, not like the 4 rotor!" .... "Here is my new all titanium intercooler piping....." 8)
Martin Louw
Martin Louw Month ago
I wish I could even weld half as good as Isaiah.. damn
Tac_ Airsoft
Tac_ Airsoft Month ago
Don't mind the indy car in the background 😂😂
Cortnie Smith
Cortnie Smith Month ago
Have you guy considered working with fellow youtubers “black sheep industries” or the sister company “true north turbos”
RaceCraft HQ
RaceCraft HQ Month ago
Nothing like last minute - Taz.
Vince Carter
Vince Carter Month ago
Isaiah killed me at the end BOMFL😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
ColdMoonlight Month ago
You guys have too much fun, all love.
Curt VanWinter
Curt VanWinter Month ago
Just going to end it like dahm. Damnn son. See ya next vid
Mitchell Van Vugt
The amount of ads are a joke lol
check4twenty Month ago
The intake clamps are cool. We use something similar in aviation called Wiggings Clamps. Same setup, each tube has an o-ring, and the tubes float inside the clamp. Once engine bleed air pressure comes up, the seal is made. Very cool to see it used on the three rotor!
Doogie Labs
Doogie Labs Month ago
What disc and belt are you using with your sanding station? Don't look like the harbor freight ones. Thanks.
CaptainSLOW Month ago
"that is sexual" I think I will start using this phrase. Thanks Rob!!!!
Esdras Robles
Esdras Robles Month ago
I just can’t say it enough I really enjoy your content great music choices
Chris Bruton
Chris Bruton Month ago
Isaiah is the build... A master craftsmen in action. Feed him the materials and I bet he could build you a 44rotor to fly you to the moon... Still love u Rob 🍻from Downunder
Cathal Owens
Cathal Owens Month ago
Im sorry but has nobody noticed the FCKING F1 CAR IN THE BACKGROUND (its got a malboro livery)
Spencer Wren
Spencer Wren Month ago
I feel like i've missed 4-6 month's of this project. Have you even shown the drag race with Block? This series is so confusing.
Chad Harrison
Chad Harrison Month ago
That comment about the air compressor is so so true. Yours appears to be similar to mine. I just got my first T-30 Ingersoll. When I picked it up it did not work. 200 bucks later with a replaced a $20 front bearing in the 5hp motor and a pump rebuild kit from ebay at 125 dollars shipped, this 2 stage 175 psi pump and 60 gallon is long over due. What an unbelievable difference it makes to not have to wait on air tools.
WM DIY Month ago
28:47 so nobody is it going to talk about the F1 car in the shop
KaplanStudios Month ago
looks like Indy Car
Sauaciden Month ago
Indy car not F1
Mikey Lehman
Mikey Lehman Month ago
Anjo Month ago
Why is there a f1 looking car?? 24:22
Dennis Lozano
Dennis Lozano Month ago
Your projects never end
ElMosqito Month ago
What's up with the rotary c8 vette? :)
ElMosqito Month ago
Rob: I'm building the 3 rotor as cheap as possible being reliable Also Rob: Let's make intake out of titanium this way intake on 4 rotor should be made out of inconel or something, maybe unobtainium :P
John Lachmnn
John Lachmnn Month ago
whats the dill with the indy or f1 car in the background?