The AWD 4 Rotor lost 25 Pounds in 30 seconds. I wish i could do that. 

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Nov 17, 2020




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Johnnie Distefano
Thats a game changer
Anacott Steel
Anacott Steel 2 months ago
That battery that makes you car and wallet a lot lighter.
Iain Burgess
Iain Burgess 2 months ago
You're probably right about the emergency start mode Lithium chemistry batteries require a minimal charge to function. Full drain destroys them, so all well designed Li batteries include a small battery management circuit board for min drain, max charge, charge balancing the individual cells, etc. aside from other features, great for making sure they don't explode.
Jaybruhh 4 months ago
*_I'm trying to find that battery. Dahm said it is the biggest one but I can't even find it online. I found the Ctech charger tho. If anyone knows the website let me know ASAP!_*
Jaybruhh 4 months ago
*_Does he not link them in the description? >:C_*
Jaybruhh 4 months ago
*_I FOUND THE VIDEO!_* *I will be buying 3 of those batteries real soon!*
H3ntairican 5 months ago
Built in jump start thats sick af
Steven 5 months ago
Looks so sick!
Jeremy Shofner
Jeremy Shofner 5 months ago
i would just keep the rear running lights solid... its a bit distracting trying to tell which turn signal is on when they're both goin like that
BigDipper907 5 months ago
Race the Hoonicorn RACE THE HOONICORN!!! Someone’s gotta give him a run for his money...
Collarge 5 months ago
Loose even more weight with the super capacitor batteries.
tony crawford
tony crawford 5 months ago
Hoonigan ken 1000hp mustang vs robs 4 rotor ????? I think so
Trickflownova 1
Trickflownova 1 5 months ago
Still waiting to see this hunk of shit do somethin
Mike Larsen
Mike Larsen 5 months ago
I have never seen this guy do anything but fucking talk about his hair promot his money makers and do absolutely nothing .go fucking Duracell the car bro.. wtf its like blue balling us.. flipp off bro
Theo Xydias
Theo Xydias 5 months ago
my favorite project man youtube / colleague as i am a Computer Engineer. following rob since day 1. iam glad we found you. Cheers from Rhodes Greece
Reclaimer Auto
Reclaimer Auto 5 months ago
www.mazdaforum.com/forum/mazda-rx-7-33/joe-maddox-super-rare-1-100-1989-fc3s-gtus-rx7-2jz-gte-vvti-build-43602/ I have found and saved the rarest Mazda FC RX7 ever made! Now this car is rare. Really rare! Let me break this down really quick... Ever heard of the rare 100 GTUs rx7s? Only 40 have ever been claimed and only 11 are confirmed at the time of this posting! Here are the rarest rx7 FC3S models: 1500 10AE Turbo models 1400 infini 1000 winning limited 150 final edition convertible 100 GTUs... out of that 100: 83 red on black 10 black on black 7 white on blue There was only 100 GTUs models created between 1989 and 1991. If you own one of these rare models sign your car up to the registry list here on any of the rotary forums! There are rumors about a restamped GTUs model... The entire origins GTUs owners thread on the rx7club was modified, icemarks claims deleted, registry list changed to have a confirmed section and the mods agree there are not enough GTUs models to have the restamped. If you want the full story behind the restamped models: www.mazdaforum.com/forum/mazda-rx-7-33/restamped-mazda-rx7-45926/ www.rx7club.com/2nd-generation-non-technical-pictures-198/restamped-mazda-rx7-1148475/ If you have a real GTUs you can register it here: www.mazdaforum.com/forum/mazda-rx-7-33/official-mazda-rx7-gtus-owners-club-thread-44477/ www.rx7club.com/2nd-generation-specific-1986-1992-17/mazda-rx7-gtus-1148362/
Ubuntu452 5 months ago
If you looking for getting your car as light as possible contact philipp keass from germany He has his own youtube channel too and is building everything in carbon and titanium and even started with extra lightweigt glass windows He is famous for his 1300hp audi rs4 m.us-first.info/more/H2qEpwlSWYK7fou3UZ4RjA
Gatescaper 5 months ago
AWESOME ending!!!
ivi129075 5 months ago
Talks how he got hevy battery got in my a8 100ah battery thats is 2x bigger and ways like 40kg
Jamm Spurgin
Jamm Spurgin 5 months ago
Weight cuts for wrestling. The best memories
Logic Lover
Logic Lover 5 months ago
Talking about weight reduction, has 0 track time.
Janne Kokko
Janne Kokko 5 months ago
brandon lang
brandon lang 5 months ago
Hey them kitties are awesome. Check if they're spayed or neutered. It helps if you get them neutered because then that's less kitties suffering. I have random Kitties that I'm taking care of and this is something I'm doing to help quell the population of them.
Faded Jate
Faded Jate 5 months ago
If you ate a 5 pound bag of sugar free gummi bears you could probably lose that weight.
Marc Schön
Marc Schön 5 months ago
What about High Beams?
Andy Helfrich
Andy Helfrich 5 months ago
That battery for my Impreza is $830.00. it's a great idea but that price is just too much.
Will Dvideos
Will Dvideos 5 months ago
honestly rob, stop taking the piss, just produce the car its been years. you can shave 25 pounds with a different seat.
cdoublejj 5 months ago
Rob we liek the stock steering wheel! it's cool and original!
casemodder89 5 months ago
Only ten seconds in an i already know you dont own a Beemer !
Ashraafadilah Abdullah
i see he is back using CAD (cardboard aided design) to build the batery bracket
Rosyid Annur
Rosyid Annur 5 months ago
mbangun montor sitok ae dibsuwebsuweno cak cak
foxpon105 5 months ago
Hey, you're gonna race the hoonicorn?
tezy0193 5 months ago
Will this thing ever see the road/track ? Lol
Benjamin Sparks
Benjamin Sparks 5 months ago
God damnit!
Colin Ultramoto
Colin Ultramoto 5 months ago
good kitties 🥰🥰🥰🥰
proskater 5 months ago
is he ever going to clearcoat the chassis or get it all powder coated? seems like any amount of weather is going to surface rust the whole thing
Darwin Lanchester
Darwin Lanchester 5 months ago
This dude doesn’t get enough views, he’s had such bad luck with this car and it’s still gotten this far. That’s persistence😂
fooman700 5 months ago
i have been with them for along time they do not like heat protect them here is the problem 1500 cca of this lif bat is very voilent if there is a problem do not put it the passenger conpartment if it goes it watch what a 18650 does on a short from impact anything can happen be safe it is a battery and a battery with this kind of power you do not want next to you in a high power vehicle fire is 1 thing a 1500 cca lip battery explosion is another it is like thermite volts on a dead short it is different to put out mount it outside just my opinion anything can happen parts break all the time
Szymon Szczepaniak
Szymon Szczepaniak 5 months ago
Math.... no..... cardboard is universal
KieranUTD 5 months ago
I can’t believe how long it hands taken you to build this car, when you first started building it I was a young teenager, now I’m an adult
TehSpazzmaster 5 months ago
So like hear me out what if these videos were 5minutes long I would watch every one
Jacob Sanders
Jacob Sanders 5 months ago
It’s looking almost done
OEM Honda
OEM Honda 5 months ago
Optima batteries suck
LastHumansGarage 5 months ago
lol damn that battery for my car is $829!
Sestas911 5 months ago
German Liteblox Batterys, smaller and lighter
Michal 5 months ago
Its not a rob Dahm video if everything goes smoothly.
Martin Th
Martin Th 5 months ago
Lite Blox bulids also very nice and light batteries with awesome features
Kim Soerensen
Kim Soerensen 5 months ago
uh, so, .... *nervous scratching intensifies* uh, y'all got any more of them 4 rotor updates?
arcezproduction 5 months ago
Rob, there is an Brand called LiteBlox they do also light batterie out of carbon and there sick AF
Jabari Guntle-Orozco
so many dummies in here trying to compare to the senna. SENNA IS FOR A CURVY RACE TRACK not a straight line. Senna is slow af for drag strip basically
thatjokerperson 5 months ago
Wouldnt be pop up headlights without them not popping up
BassMunk 5 months ago
Of COURSE he stops it there LOL
Austin zimmer
Austin zimmer 5 months ago
Get rid of the steering wheel
Kyle 5 months ago
Antigravity batteries. Mind blown
Beau Beaŕ
Beau Beaŕ 5 months ago
Hurry up and finish it already lol
koenigscat 5 months ago
LiFePO4? Seems like it, looking at the voltages. I've been experimenting with that as well. I just couldn't figure out current limiting for charging while not limiting for starting yet.
Daniel Bartnicki
Daniel Bartnicki 5 months ago
CP FPV 5 months ago
..... .... . . .. . ..Then shouldn't the video have been 30 seconds long?????
Vt Daodao
Vt Daodao 5 months ago
why dont yous use those billet housing made by australian
Trashcat Orange
Trashcat Orange 5 months ago
why'd that pop up made that sound? DID YOU BREAK THE LIGHT?!!?!?
wrexz 5 months ago
Probably lose 10lb if you ditch the stock steering wheel and airbag
Avalanche2 5 months ago
LOL, a $700 battery? Holy crap.
Gledson Borba
Gledson Borba 5 months ago
900US Dollars in a Battery? ok..
3point1 5 months ago
Its taken me nearly 2 months to lose 25lbs
Jeremy Radke
Jeremy Radke 5 months ago
And I thought you blew your turbo 🤣🤣🤣 this is some awesome tech by the way, true innovation for the sport.
JORDAN WEBSTER 5 months ago
Yo Rob no idea how to get ahold of you man, what's your email or something? Where my dam 1240 shirt i ordered it in fkin September 5th. I got a message about a delivery but nothinggg man how do I sort this out
kevin tran
kevin tran 5 months ago
@JORDAN WEBSTER I would try instagram and dming him
JORDAN WEBSTER 5 months ago
I want one soon dam bad man this is absolutely horible.
Aaron Bigleman
Aaron Bigleman 5 months ago
As a C5 Corvette ex-owner, I appreciate the tribute to the jammed pop-ups.
Dinosaur111Pwn 5 months ago
Will the car ever get the engine bay, and interior covered?
Peter Klaasse
Peter Klaasse 5 months ago
I have a 12 volt 72 Wh Lithium LiFePO4 battery. Weights only 1.30 kg (2.9pounds) Cranking my 1800 cc engine very easy (Nissan ca18det)
Jean Dahm
Jean Dahm 5 months ago
You wrestled? I only remember Kev and Matt. lol
gearhead719 5 months ago
What digital power controller are you using, Rob?
Creator 262
Creator 262 5 months ago
That was the longest battery advertisement I've had to skip through
Gero v. E.
Gero v. E. 5 months ago
Awesome Project Rob. I use this Battery: liteblox.de/ May you can use this one too? Best regards from Germany :)
SirPlsCalmDown 5 months ago
Holy smokes.... When are we going to see this car do anything impressive?
Andrew 5 months ago
*15 pounds lost
BO0O0O0O0O0O0 5 months ago
I can’t wait till you get the 4 rotor finished enough to race! I saw hoonigans “this vs that” special featuring the hoonicorn and I can only imagine that’s race you missed. If it’s not then you should hit up your friends at hoonigan and see if you can make that happen. I honestly can’t imagine very much beating the hoonicorn.. but I think the 4 rotor has a real shot at it. Even if you lost it’d be great to see you come close considering you’ve built this car yourself and how far you’ve come doing all the work by yourself and a few friends!
MIke McC
MIke McC 5 months ago
Does Rob have a daily driving rotary?
mikeeyyss 5 months ago
Classic Rob Dahm outro
kevin tran
kevin tran 5 months ago
I swear cyberpunk 2077 is going to come out before I see this car race, not complaining tho, more videos to watch !
Mäýüŕá Vïřůš
So the AntiGravity Batteries is a dry cell lythium battery
Contend HQ
Contend HQ 5 months ago
Waaaiit, Rob wrestled?? Never would've thought 😂
bsmb091011 B
bsmb091011 B 5 months ago
All that flexin and the headlight lift motor ruined it lol looking good man 👍🏼
Alexandre Soares
Alexandre Soares 5 months ago
You should drill holes on that bracket even more weight lost .....
Stoned Civet
Stoned Civet 5 months ago
Bro I love the cat segments
Jeff Ferguson
Jeff Ferguson 5 months ago
Battery Shutoff ? Hate to get to stage 8 and the charger, and pop! Power manger died. Cant race again bro.
Steve Barrett
Steve Barrett 5 months ago
Another place you could shave weight would be to go to a titanium exhaust
Student Chase Lynn
Student Chase Lynn 5 months ago
sarj2836 5 months ago
Great video battery is awesome those cats are cute.
OvAeons 5 months ago
If the rear running light is like that, that make some people dazed/fixated and likely to rear end you :T
SBworks 5 months ago
when i see the rx7 i go dahmmm
MrFinch666 5 months ago
This channel should be called how to get in over your head but you told the internet you would so you have to continue ....good luck Running autocross in 2035
Minseok Shin
Minseok Shin 5 months ago
Rob: [Everyone liked that]
drakey125 5 months ago
What a great way to end the video! Snagging!!
LOUI J 5 months ago
Rob Dahm; the type of guy to get hyped over a car battery. how humble..
Cameron Luhn
Cameron Luhn 5 months ago
There is an automotive spec for certain automotive systems (like fuel pump or control modules) where the component has to turn on at 6v. Some window switches/motors get tested at 6v (especially at -40C). Goes really slow.
Badledgend117 5 months ago
Pop up headlights definitely working like we'd expect them to work on a 90s car in 2020.
Glenn Bjerregaard Dreyer
You should get the CTEK battery sense instead of the anti gravity monitor
whburton1 5 months ago
Am I coming here for cats or 4 rotor at this point :)
delahayenator 5 months ago
Great car build, one of my favorites among BOM's project Binky, HBBJ's Alferrari, and GG/CP's King Zero. All such nice people doing these great things.
Scott Schell
Scott Schell 5 months ago
a whole $800+ battery. NBD