The most INTENSE 4 Rotor RX-7 Launches yet! 

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I only had 2 hours before the race to finally drive the car. Thank god i have a killer team of people watching over me. I was afraid id slide under a semi on the first power launch. I didnt
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Cucos Auto
Cucos Auto 7 days ago
you need a heavier Firewheel
Cucos Auto
Cucos Auto 7 days ago
Cranshaf + fraiwell rotasion masas Hasve to iquo to the draishaf and well masa To bre the momento Engine pawer es allso the acumulasion of pawer and rotación masa
Asad Haq
Asad Haq Month ago
I guess you won't be ready for the race as after every mile your car needs repair. You wasted so much time in fixing this car.
Htown905 2 months ago
This thing is special. Been anyway from the channel for a long time I remember when this car was just a turbo lmao.
justin baird
justin baird 2 months ago
I've never been so angry and disappointed rrrrrrr
breene 3 months ago
I want an fd so bad there so expensive here in the 🇬🇧 love the vids
Cooper Edgerton
Cooper Edgerton 3 months ago
I love the gearbox right next to you
Only people with double digit IQs say bruh
That elbow next to the driveshaft was making me uncomfortable lol. I hope that was covered up eventually cause that will do some serious damage in milliseconds. Long hair, loose clothing, scarves, seatbelts.. cringing just thinking about it.
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 4 months ago
You need a trans tunnel before a drive shaft beats you or clutch shrapnel goes everywhere and then in you. It's built right so it won't happen but better to be safe than sorry
Christopher Sage
Christopher Sage 4 months ago
Reminds me of my RC Car racing Days! this thing is the business! i need it.
Christopher Sage
Christopher Sage 4 months ago
and well flippen done building this beast!
Anthony N
Anthony N 4 months ago
Waiting for Rob's shirt to catch in the driver shaft and see Rob's body get skinned..!!!
dudder86 dudder
dudder86 dudder 5 months ago
There are insane 4 rotors but this is like a personal dream u got man much respect the car still needs time and shit won't happen over night at all
Joaquin Corzo
Joaquin Corzo 5 months ago
Ur basically racing 8 sec car to win bring a 6 or 7 sec
brandyn wood
brandyn wood 5 months ago
i was waiting for his elbow to get destroyed by that driveshaft
Cocina fácil En casa
You have to cover that shaft 'cause if something wrong happens all the debris are going to shred your arm and it can be like having a machine gun sitting right there next to you.
Patrick Trousdale
Patrick Trousdale 5 months ago
What was the old slow jam beat..
Darren Russ
Darren Russ 5 months ago
Robs too scared to thrash it haha
William Whitted
William Whitted 5 months ago
Rob, please fashion a proper guard over that driveshaft. I will do it for you! Free! I don’t want to see you messed up man
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother 5 months ago
Rob, you know the "Slipper Clutch" that Cleetus had to put in LeRoy? That would really hook you up. It's designed for you to put the two step on and just drop the clutch! You call them and they will set it up close to what you need and just dial it in from there until you get wheelspin and dial it back about 10% for varying conditions. Definitely cover those driveshafts unless you want to be the first person with carbon fiber injection!! 🚫 A good time.
Calm before the storm
What a garbage video I just lost 11 minutes of my life
Jarrad Floyd
Jarrad Floyd 5 months ago
I dont like how it bogged down on that last attempt!!!
Naforous 5 months ago
That FD reminds me typical Hot Wheels car
Eren Kaslte
Eren Kaslte 5 months ago
Most car guys a dew hours before the race: Yeah bro I'll be there.
simplicidad haz lo tu mismo!!
Suck's man. That car isnt for you
Sam Sabin
Sam Sabin 5 months ago
soooooo are you gonna race the Hoonicorn and provide it a plate of gap sausage yet? this legit might be the only car that can give it a run for it money
BMWE30S62 5 months ago
...massive project and no cover for the prop shaft😖
TionG TionG
TionG TionG 5 months ago
this dude is so ambitious! i like you rob! have some enough sleep okay dude?! good luck
David P. Aguilar
David P. Aguilar 5 months ago
Buddy Hardin
Buddy Hardin 5 months ago
Fire suit and helmet plzz 👌
Steven Castro
Steven Castro 5 months ago
Put so much time and money into the car but yet no trans tunnel or drive shaft tunnel and floor pan i guess his safety dont matter
Jeremy Plummer
Jeremy Plummer 5 months ago
I was cringing watching this seeing that drive shaft like that.😬
videman21 O.g.
videman21 O.g. 5 months ago
Was anxiously watching his elbow being inches from the driveshaft
Chris Usselman
Chris Usselman 5 months ago
BAHAHAHA, your face when you throw down and get into it!!!
Naqib Hamdan
Naqib Hamdan 5 months ago
Patric Kulju
Patric Kulju 5 months ago
I am glad to see you guys learning as you go. Much like every hot-rodder since the beginning of time. Find out what breaks. Fix it, Repeat.
Mike Schonebaum
Mike Schonebaum 5 months ago
I like how you can see the crankshaft, a clean console would be sick
harshlens 5 months ago
He's not going to put some sort of cover to protect himself from the drive shaft? in case of a crash, your arms moving around you could touch it by accident no? Carbon cover is the lightest but plexi for the cool factor of seeing it.
donkyuhbuhts540 5 months ago
Pause at 6:47. All that cage and drive line right there ready to blow up and kill you... Smh man. Make a cover for that crap. Edit: just seen the drive shaft loops go in. Thank God
DARRYL DAMON 5 months ago
Nice work
Nextral 5 months ago
I found this guy about a week ago after getting into drifting. Idek if he does drift, but damn am I pumped for this car to get finished
Automobuilds 5 months ago
Not 1 launch was harmed in the making of this video. 😝
Steven C
Steven C 5 months ago
You can't launch, you need to focus a lot more on the clutch pedal!!
Andys709 5 months ago
Other then being totally badass , what is the main thing you’re gonna be doing with this car ? Time attack ? Drag ? I assume all of the above lol.
sweetj16real 5 months ago
My first time checking back in on this project after years of patience. So awesome!
Fadzil che man
Fadzil che man 5 months ago
That elbow to drive shaft distance is scary
D4N13L B4ST0S 5 months ago
This car is 100% legal
Lorenzo Pacifici
Lorenzo Pacifici 5 months ago
Only to me seems so fucking dengerous that rotor under his sholder
Chris Hartley
Chris Hartley 5 months ago
Man, he got all the rotary masters helping him!
Chris Hartley
Chris Hartley 5 months ago
Ok, so you have to race Ken and the hoonicorn!!!!! When you get the car 100% running
Aj Pasquariello
Aj Pasquariello 5 months ago
All I would think about is loosing my arm. Or it breaking and taking my face off. I've watched them blow apart first hand on the track. Take out everything in their path, take huge chunks out of iron and steel. That's soooooooo close, super sketchy. But love it, safety 3rd... or 8th in this case
Lucas DaSilva
Lucas DaSilva 5 months ago
This vs hoonicorn
tanner howell
tanner howell 5 months ago
What ecu did you use? And what all wheel drive?
benazzi84 5 months ago
the car has no squat thats why it wont launch properly suspension is too hard
bone cc
bone cc 5 months ago
Ok. So you he doesnt know how to actually drive the car.
xXHUGGINATORXx 5 months ago
Not much rx7 left
Rat 5 months ago
RX-7 vs Hoonicorn?
MrSuperawesome5000 5 months ago
Just an absolutely beautiful build! It's been awesome watching! But please, please, please, rig up a shield for that u-joint spinning inches away from your arm.
brandon bailey
brandon bailey 5 months ago
you don't need to do a burnout when your AWD
Big Floppa
Big Floppa 5 months ago
This car is still not done. Jesus christ.
Jr Boost
Jr Boost 5 months ago
The forever project fix the dam car already
Kirk Delorme
Kirk Delorme 5 months ago
The happieness in this video is electric. Not only is Rob classicly happy and revved up, but his whole team is jacked up. So awesome!!!
Reclaimer Auto
Reclaimer Auto 5 months ago
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supersubes 5 months ago
Watching this channel is like watching the TV show Lost. Don’t even know why I clicked on this vid.
Gendy Calliste
Gendy Calliste 5 months ago
U can't drive for shit!
Daniel Duran
Daniel Duran 5 months ago
That exposed driveshaft is giving me REAL anxiety
Sharkbait 5 months ago
Imagine building a 200k+ car just to b taken out by not having a driveshaft shield 🥴
yamete kudasai
yamete kudasai 5 months ago
dude this thing might beat the hoonicorn
VAIPER 5 months ago
back from ken block drag race
Skyhigh_ Flako
Skyhigh_ Flako 5 months ago
Wish i could have 8 people working my car 😐 lol love the build overall tho 💯
RvR Rocket
RvR Rocket 5 months ago
Sweet car, driver is fired!!!
Allen Lippiatt
Allen Lippiatt 5 months ago
You should give your car the name Master Shredder
Ian Mapes
Ian Mapes 5 months ago
Brain: nut nut nut nut nut nut nut nut nut
Dude NotPerfect
Dude NotPerfect 5 months ago
Please put a shield over that spinning driveline before you turn your elbow into hamburger
maisumaqueda 5 months ago
No seatbelt, classy
Tim 5 months ago
trusting that driveshaft too much
Kevin Grandke
Kevin Grandke 5 months ago
DUDE! That is bad ass!!
Delta PAG
Delta PAG 5 months ago
That elbow got damn close to that drive shaft
Evans Will
Evans Will 5 months ago
where's the bodykit man hmmm
Bill M
Bill M 5 months ago
I sure hope the shifting is quicker than these trial runs, getting ready for drag racing
Connor Daly
Connor Daly 5 months ago
Lmao that was the opposite of intense.. we didn't even see a launch, just a hefty bog
Rickyll97 5 months ago
Don't wear a long sleeve while driving that. I've seen videos on lathes and long sleeves and it gets gory.
2thicc 5 months ago
that shaft looks like elbow breaker
Boy Rafael
Boy Rafael 5 months ago
Is that mazzei?
Andrew Wizard15
Andrew Wizard15 6 months ago
Racing a garage car with 1000+ hp with no doors and no seatbelt. SMH, let’s be a little safer, unless you want to end up with a car frame smashing your face
Wasabiflo 6 months ago
you should take a german kw v3+ suspension
Jon slesser
Jon slesser 6 months ago
Longest build on a car ever. I'm pretty sure I've been watching this thing being built for about 8 years
Henry Williams
Henry Williams 6 months ago
Oh shit u finally got the car bout finished .. I'm ready to see sum ass kickn
angel mendoza
angel mendoza 6 months ago
Imagine if this was a production car
Zach Kappes
Zach Kappes 6 months ago
Brave man driving with out a trans plate/guard
Eddie Nino
Eddie Nino 6 months ago
Wow it sounds amazing
Brady Opalenik
Brady Opalenik 6 months ago
7:26 broooo!!! Your shift lever engaging made the sound of a gun swap in Goldeneye N64 ❤
spede 6 months ago
when you test 1/4 mile
Ber fus
Ber fus 6 months ago
what exhaust manifold is thattt
Mathias Seider
Mathias Seider 6 months ago
That's not a car, that's a rocket😡😡
Scurvy Cat
Scurvy Cat 6 months ago
Bro, that fuggin drive shaft making me mad nervous
Brandon C
Brandon C 6 months ago
Like a formula 1
Brandon C
Brandon C 6 months ago
meska koriakov
meska koriakov 6 months ago
I love how auto generated captions say revving is “music”🤣
Go away I have comments to make
This thing still ain’t finished, huh?
Tyler Mitchell
Tyler Mitchell 6 months ago
Rob dahm, the biggest pretender that ever walked the Earth! This was started a decade ago let's get real rob🥱 My guess is if an idiot is born every minute then you won't run out of milk for a very long time.
Rhaun Shoden
Rhaun Shoden 6 months ago
Deep pockets , too.
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